Axis to Mixamo

Perception neuron mocap data Retargeting to Mixamo rigs

Axis to Mixamo is a script to help to retarget preception neuron mocap data recorded in Axis neuron software.


Export your mocap data from Axis neuron as an FBX file.

Open up your character in Maya and import that FBX file.

There Should be no namespaces. if so then delete them in Namespace Editor.

Run the script.

Need More?

Need a GUI or retarget to a specific type of skeleton. Do you need any more features to be added in this script? Just Contact Us.


Axis 2 Mixamo

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Axis 2 Mixamo is working on Maya 2014 to 2022.

Once you bought it You can use it for personal and commercial work.

The Plugin is available for download only via Gumroad or CgKode.

If you have any problems, feedback, or/and suggestions feel free to Contact Us