DazR v2


Daz3D to Maya Auto Rig Tool Box

DazR v2 is a Plugin/script for Maya that will help you to easily create Facial and Body Rig Automatically for Daz3D Genesis 3 / Genesis 8 Characters. With Just 2 Clicks Your Daz3D character is Fully Rigged and ready to Animate inside of Maya.

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More Tools

With inbuilt pose manager and facial picker for Maya, you have the powerful tools at your fingertip when it comes to animating your Daz3D Characters.

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Small Package

Every Option is arranged in a way that wont let you get lost in the workflow.

Clean Facial Picker

Just download and try this sample rig Skinned with Joft and Made in Frigger under 1 hour.

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Dazr v2

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Dazr v2 is working on Maya 2014 to 2022.

Once you bought it You can use it for personal and commercial work.

The Plugin is available for download only via Gumroad or CgKode.

If you have any problems, feedback, or/and suggestions feel free to Contact Us