A robust media player designed to view reference videos.

Features that include Auto audio import from the selected video, Clipping/Cropping video, Adding Bookmarks, Flipping and Rotating video, Opacity adjustable adaptive UI makes PlayRef The perfect player for viewing reference footages in Maya.

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Save Time

Tired of using other video players for referencing footages in Maya ? Well, then PlayRef is made just for you.

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Supports all major formats.

Mpeg,mp4,avi or jpeg image sequences, PlayRef Supports them all.

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Cropping the clip with time range

Long Clip? No issues, No need to open any other software to cut. You can do it directly inside of PlayRef.

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Auto import audio from the video

It is an option when you import a video, That will directly import the audio from it into Maya Timeline.

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Flip the video Horizontally/Vertically

Flip it rotate it scale it all from within the PlayRef UI.

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Add Bookmarks

Adding bookmarks to your key poses and jumping between them is easier with PlayRef.

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Adaptive UI

The UI layout will automatically adjust to the scaling of your preference. You can control the transparency of the UI also.

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Full Support

Free Updates

All features

US $35

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PlayRef is working on Maya 2014 to 2022.

Once you bought it You can use it for personal and commercial work.

The Plugin is available for download only via Gumroad or CgKode.

If you have any problems, feedback, or/and suggestions feel free to Contact Us