Audio Based Auto Lip-sync for Autodesk Maya

Automated lip-sync animation based on audio in Autodesk Maya. Any rig and any language.
Talkey is a plugin for Autodesk Maya. It helps to create automated lipsync animation based on audio files.

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Easy to use

It makes the process of making lipsync animations for short animated videos and games easier.The Plugin creates lipsync animation based on the predefined lip poses, It will work with any rigs and any language.

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gif image

Supports all languages

Talkey supports English,Mandarin Chinese,Hindi,Spanish,French,Japanese literally every languages

Works with every facial rigs

Joints based or blendshapes based Talkey will handle every type of facial rigs.

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Supports all audio formats

Mp3,wav,aac or aif Talkey supports every audio formats



Full Support

Free Updates

All features

US $85

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Talkey is working on Maya 2014 to 2022.

Once you bought it You can use it for personal and commercial work.

The Plugin is available for download only via Gumroad or CgKode.

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